How to or What You Need to Become a Millionaire or Rich Men?

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Passion on earning money are not accepted by the values we received. However, everyone who are not so rich to satisfy his/her material pursuit prefer to own more money. Life is not always so easy, if you feel an easy life, a fact you have to know is that more people are in hard time in the world. The gross of resource and wealth available for human are not easy to be changed. Someone rich while someone poor. Wealth stand for resource you own and dominate, how to become a millionaire if you are not?

Don't try anything illegal

You may get the resource by trying something illegal, the meantime you've lost some other personal freedom, or even been sent to the jail. If you want to be a millionaire and you don't want to lose personal freedom. Never try the illegal way.

Specific plan for to do and not to do

We are not so self-disciplined that we prefer to do what we want to do but what we should do. Make a specific plan on the paper or in mind to warn yourself what have to be done and how to do it. If we used to make specific plan for our daily task, we developed good habit, the work efficiency increases, which means we can earn more money in the same period.

Be objective toward the world

Usually we are subjective to various thing in life. We trust ourself by instinct, but how can we confirm that I am right and you are the wrong? If you can't, what will you think about it? Just keep your opinion as before? Most of people are in this case. instinct are not easy to be changed. The more you are objective, the closer you are to the truth. If you can always find the truth, you are a successful person!

Confidence and perseverance

If we find that we are ordinary or common, nothing better than others, will we achieve something great? Yes, to be confident in yourself. Even though you are proved mediocre, to be perseverant! Most of people may give up, you will finally stand out. One another to say, confident is the most important personality to attract others.